With pop-up health clinics, education, and transport, AfriPaw are transforming pet's lives and bringing hope to communities in Cape Town.

South Africa

For informal settlements in South Africa, the biggest barriers to pet care are: lack of finance, limited transport to reach veterinary services, poor education, and hopelessness caused by huge social challenges. We're helping AfriPaw end the suffering of dogs and cats by removing all of these barriers.

AfriPaw work closely with pet owners to teach them what their pets need. The charity offers practical solutions through 4 key programmes: neutering, pet clinics, paw patrol and affordable pet food.

The pet clinic programme treats an average of 525 pets a month with pop-up clinics in the centre of townships. The focus of these free clinics is community participation and education. AfriPaw want to improve the quality of life for pets with their owners, instead of removing them from the place they call home. These homes may be not be the ideal environment for pets, so AfriPaw work alongside owners to educate them and change their behaviours. By doing this, they can break the cycle of neglect and tackle the root cause of suffering.

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation made the very first donation to AfriPaw in 2022.


Our donation will cover the cost of campaigns and pet clinic days for 1 year - helping up to 7,000 animals.

€22,485 pledged

Responsible pet care is the focus for AfriPaw. With a team of local resident ambassadors and volunteers, the charity forms relationships with pet owners and shows them how to care for their pets. With our donation, AfriPaw can offer free neutering, parasite control, vaccination, treatment of diseases and injuries, grooming, feeding, and shelter.

Every pet that attends the clinics will have an extensive medical record. And regular attendees who've been neutered, are rewarded with a pet clinic card. It gives the owner extra benefits that Afripaw help fund - like fast-tracking at clinics; free pet food, collars and leads; and consideration for a kennel during the annual Mandela Day Kennel Drive.

The Mandela Day Kennel Drive is an initiaive that gives dogs a dry, warm, and safe space of their own. It's also an incentive for pet owners to make sure they attend clinic sessions and keep their pets healthy. The kennels are donated by amazing supporters, and a team of AfriPaw volunteers work hard to load, transport, lift, and place these kennels.

By building a deeper understanding of pet needs and offering practical petcare solutions, AfriPaw is creating happier, healthier pets. And bringng hope to communities.