The Animal Welfare Society in Stellenbosch (AWSS) are working hard to eradicate poor welfare, disease, and suffering among cats and dogs.

South Africa

Pet over-population is a serious problem throughout South Africa - particularly in poorer communities, like Stellenbosch. A lack of resources and funding for animal welfare has resulted in over-breeding and an increase in the spread of fatal diseases shared between animals and people, like rabies.

The Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch (AWSS) plays a crucial role in helping control the pet population and preventing disease and suffering through vaccination and safe, humane neutering. Their essential community outreach clinics bring much-needed relief to less fortunate pet owners and their pets - providing food, resources, veterinary care, and wellbeing support.

A person’s pet is often their best friend, and without them, life wouldn’t be worth living. And the biggest need for pets is human companionship - they don't need a fancy home or a life of luxury. But each day is a struggle for so many pet owners in parts of South Africa and there are few resources for their animals. Primary veterinary healthcare and pet care packs from AWSS make the lives of pets a little easier and healthier!

We made our first donations to AWSS in 2022. The Edgard & Cooper Foundation pledge will help reduce the number of unwanted and neglected animals, and support owners who need a helping hand.


Our donation will neuter, de-worm, and de-flea 1,500 animals. That's 70% of the animal population in one of the communities in Stellenbosch!

€42,670 pledged

Safe neutering is a way of reducing the number of stray and unwanted cats and dogs that live a life of suffering, and often end up being inhumanely killed.

By helping to control the population of strays through neutering, we can reduce aggression and fighting between male dogs. We'll also help to decrease the burden on over-crowded animal shelters in Stellenbosch.

In addition to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming thousands of animals at AWSS, their community work is crucial. Whether it is a cruelty complaint, education about welfare, annual vaccinations, neutering, or lifesaving work, the team show compassion and kindness to every animal and every situation.

With Edgard & Cooper Foundation donations, we'll help reduce the spread of disease, improve animal welfare, and alleviate the strain on veterinary services in Stellenbosch. AWSS will be able to give each cat and dog the care and attention they deserve.