The Cluny Animal Trust runs an outreach and educational program in the Free State province, raising awareness about responsible pet ownership and bringing vital veterinary services to rural areas.

South Africa

The charity covers a huge 12,845 square miles in South Africa. Educating people about pet ownership and bringing much-needed medical support to areas that have no access to vets and clinics. Transport is vital for the Cluny Animal Trust to reach all the people, cats, and dogs in need. That's where Daisy comes in..

Daisy is Cluny's mobile operating theatre – possibly the only one in South Africa. She’s kitted out with 2 operating theatres, so the charity can take their services to the communities that need it most. Rosie is another important part of the Cluny team! Some may she's just a car, but for Cluny Animal Trust she's so much more. Small and compact, she helps the charity reach places further and faster, because sometimes it's impossible to access certain rural areas in the mobile theatre.

Education is key to animal welfare and a brighter future. That's why Cluny host talks at schools to teach children compassion for animals and responsible pet ownerhsip. The team have even brought children into the clinic and inside Daisy, to see operations in action: "Teaching animal welfare is something we try to do at every opportunity."

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation are proud to have started a partnership with the Cluny Animal Trust in 2022.


The team at Cluny is small, with just 4 core members and amazing volunteers. Our donation will help the charity keep both vital vehicles on the road, so they can reach the people and animals that need them most.

€6,600 pledged

The Cluny Animal Trust don't have the funds to maintain their mobile operating theatre. Without this outreach vehicle, communities have no access to vet care, and the suffering continues. With our money, the charity can make sure Daisy is a full funcional mobile theatre and able to continue life-saving work.

The money donated through the Edgard & Cooper Foundation will also ensure that Rosie is an effective back-up vehicle - with new tyres, and everything else she needs to get to those harder-to-reach areas where people and animals are suffering.

Having survived the obstacles that COVID-19 brought, the Cluny Animal Trust is keen to continue its outreach and educational work; helping cats and dogs that are mistreated, neglected, or disowned. With the Edgard & Cooper Foundation donations, the future is brighter for the animals and pet owners in this part of South Africa.