Humane Society International are helping to increase access to safe, effective veterinary care for dogs and cats in rural Bolivia & Chile.

Bolivia & Chile

Although the people of rural Bolivia and Chile love their pets dearly, access to affordable, safe treatment for dogs and cats is severly lacking. It's common in these areas for pets to roam the streets - in fact 35% of pets are left to wander the streets during the day and mix with strays. The combination means that thousands of cats and dogs catch diseases, including rabies and reproduce creating severe overpopulation.

With limited resources and a growing overpopulation problem, the governments of Bolivia and Chile resort to inhumane methods of culling. But there is another way. Humane Society International (HSI) are working to tackle the problem at the source, creating the opportunity for at least 50% of dogs and cats to receive basic treatment including vaccinations and safe, effective netuering to create a controlled, healthy population of dogs and cats.

In 2021, the Edgard & Cooper Foundation agreed a partnership with Humane Society International, starting with two important projects in Bolivia and Chile.


Our donation will support HSI's successful programme in Bolivia, training over 100 vets and veterinary technicians in humane netuering practices to manage overpopulation

€53,357 pledged.

After successfully launching the project in Bolivia, we're thrilled our donation will enable HSI to expand their successful project.

Currently, where pets do have access to treatment including vaccinations and netuering it's highly likely to be fatal. Of the Bolivians surveyed by Humane Society International (HSI), 46% of people knew a dog or cat who had died on the operating table.

HSI are determined to change this, tackling the problem at the source by training up vets to perform safe, effective treatments and break the cycle of suffering. Our donation will cover the costs to train 100 vets and vet technicians to provide safe care and ensure fewer dogs and cats die on the operating table. As part of the training 4000 cats and 4000 dogs will benefit from treatments, with our donation covering all costs.

By providing high-volume, quality sterilisations we will also reduce overpopulation. This will prevent the liklihood of inhumane culling programs, which previously have been used by the government to ineffectively tackle the tragic issues associated with uncontrolable street dog and cat populations.


In Chile, we will support vets with additional training and ensure rural communities have access to safe, effective treatment

€135,508 pledged.

In Chile, the access to veterinary care is much improved, but in rural communities dogs and cats rarely have access to basic life-saving treatments. Our donation will develop the expertise of vets in Santiago thereby improving veterinary care for thousands of dogs and cats. Over 4000 cats and 4000 dogs will receive treatment and another 2000 will receive treatment in the training process.

With our donation, HSI will also train a vet and a vet technician to improve access to basic care in poorer communities north of Santiago. These previously underserved communities will now have access to affordable, safe care for their pets for the first time ever! In the 12 rural communities, over 70% of the population of cats and dogs will be benefitted; reducing unwanted litters and the number of dogs and cats who needlessly live a life of suffering.

After 5 years, the vets trained by Humane Society International will be able to perform at least 40,000 treatments a year, undoubtedly changing the lives of many dog and cats for the better.