Lanta Animal Welfare is dedicated to improving the lives of all animals - alleviating pain and suffering through neutering and medical care.


Lanta Animal Welfare runs an animal shelter, outreach programme, and clinic out of Koh Lanta, Thailand. It was founded in 2006 at a time when packs of wild dogs roamed free, and there was no neutering, vaccinations, or care. Many stray animals were being poisoned or drowned. The charity's main aim is to safely transport the stray dogs; to neuter, and vaccinate them, and break their cycle of suffering.

Lanta's mobile clinics focus on 9 locations within the Krabi and Trang provinces. The charity aims for 80% neutering at each location, and thanks to their efforts the numbers of neglected puppes is reducing, along with cases of skin disease in animals.

The number of dogs and cats that are neutered today has increased by 50%, so the charity's work is extremely successful. The charity have also eradicated rabies on Koh Lanta - which is a fantastic achievement. But they desperately need our support to continue their incredible work.

We started working alongside Lanta Animal Welfare in 2022. We're excited to help fund the incredible work that's already making a huge difference in Koh Lanta.


Our money will help Lanta buy a new vehicle that's vital for transferring sick and injured animals, and carrying out neutering and vaccination programmes. Interventions that can end the suffering of cats and dogs.

€15,000 pledged

Over the last 2 years the catchment area has expanded, with increasing numbers of stray animals in need. Lanta are totally reliant on 2 vehicles to reach them quickly, so they need to replace the 20-year-old vehicle in order to manage the ever-increasing workload off-island. By funding a new vehicle, suffering animals will get essential medical treatment.

The biggest hurdle for Lanta has been COVID-19. Many people left the island and abandoned their animals, so the intake of animals into the shelters has increased hugely. Before the pandemic, Lanta Animal Welfare welcomed more than 100 visitors a day for tours. But the shelter was closed to visitors for almost 2 years, and the loss of donations from tourists has been devastating. Our donation for the new van is a way of helping the charity get their programmes back on track.

Lanta Animal Welfare has achieved some incredible things. There are now virtually no unneutered animals on the island of Koh Lanta itself, so the cycle of neglect can be broken. Every dog and cat that is neutered by the charity also receives a free rabies vaccine and there hasn't been a single case of rabies on the island for 20 years. Our funds for the new van will help Lanta continue to make a real difference in this part of the world.