Mayhew International is reaching out to help more dogs, cats, and communities.


Tbilisi has developed a lot over recent years and is now a thriving city. Because of this, many people have migrated to the capital and more rural areas of Georgia have suffered - left with fewer inhabitants, less work opportunities, and less income. This poverty negatively impacts the welfare of animals because there are few vets available, and people simply can’t afford a vet’s bill.

Outside of the capital, there’s little knowledge about spaying and basic care leading to litters of pups and kittens who suffer a very short and painful life. That’s why raising awareness about good parasite control and general vaccination is key to preventing the unnecessary suffering of dogs and cats.

Our donation will train 22 vets to offer high-quality medical care to over 5,000 cats and dogs

How can it be solved?

The lack of infrastructure to address the issue of free-roaming dog and cat populations; the fact that many towns and regions don’t have any access to veterinary care; poor general animal welfare within shelters and among pet owners, have all hampered local government efforts. They want to develop a successful Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter Release (TVNR) programme to help with over-population and disease hotspots. But Georgia also needs more experienced vets operating to international standards - who are trained in animal health and welfare, and who speak the local language. That’s why Mayhew has spent the last 5 years training a group of Georgian vets in the capital to focus on cat and dog care - including high standards of reproductive surgery and preventative care. Using Mayhew-trained vets they initially supported local groups to deliver this programme.

What needs to happen now?

By providing veterinary and shelter management training to Georgian vets, Mayhew has helped improve animal welfare standards for dogs and cats in Tbilisi. Mayhew is now being approached by other towns around the country - where there are a lot of free-roaming dogs and cats, but few vets. Thanks to the grant of the Edgard & Cooper Foundation, Mayhew will be able to invest in personnel and equipment to expand their services across the country.

This is our second commitment to Mayhew International.

2022 - 2023

Our donation will train 22 vets to offer high-quality medical care to over 5,000 cats and dogs. It will enable the building of a new state-of-the-art clinic and expansion of the pop-up clinic to accelerate growth after a successful initial start-up by Mayhew Georgia.

€199,015 pledged.

Thanks to the grant of the Edgard & Cooper Foundation, Mayhew Georgia is able to set 3 targets to for maximum long-term impact:

- Build a new static clinic for the training of vets and assistants. With community-based welfare services for dogs and cats in, or on the outskirts of Tbilisi.

- Bring on board a 5th partner clinic to focus specifically on a cat programme.

- Devise a programme for pop-up clinics where all equipment, drug, supplies, personnel can be loaded into the vehicle.


- Q4/2021 we’ll focus on employing vets and assistants, and training them to Mayhew standards. We’ll acquire premises for new static clinic.

- Q1/2022 the static clinic will be fully equipped and we’ll purchase a vehicle and equipment for a mobile clinic.

From the start of 2022, the static clinic/learning centre and pop-up clinic will both be ready to provide pre and post-op care. Mayhew will increase the provision of the TVNR programme by directly spaying 1,250 dogs and 150 cats in the static clinic and helping 1,250 dogs and 100 cats via the pop-up clinic. 10 vets will be given training in cat and dog health.

In 2023, thanks to the grant, we’ll be able to help even more cats and dogs. Managed populations of free-roaming dogs in the targeted regions will have overall improved health and welfare, and more areas and communities understand our humane approach.

Edgard & Cooper Foundation goals

By supporting Mayhew Georgia, we’re fulfilling our Foundation’s goals: to stop the immediate suffering of cats and dogs and to help people understand the needs of cats and dogs. We’re encouraging inhabitants and owners to join our mission and understand the importance of medical care for their cats and dogs. By tackling the causes and effects around this issue in Georgia - and with the help of NGOs, like Mayhew – we’ll have a long-lasting, positive impact on animal welfare.