Our Projects

Our carefully selected charity partners are working to protect dogs and cats from harm today and give them better, more joyful, lives in the future. Discover our latest projects below.

AfriPaw Animal Welfare

Cape Town, South Africa

Edgard & Cooper Foundation AfriPaw Animal Welfare

AfriPaw offers a monthly pet clinic and runs large neutering campaigns in Cape Town. These initiatives give pet owners the chance to become more responsible for their animals, free of charge. South Africa is badly affected by poverty, and even though owners love their cats and dogs, they rely heavily on the AfriPaw services to neuter and vaccinate their pets.

Our donation of €22,485 will cover the cost of the campaigns and pet clinic days for 1 year - helping up to 7,000 animals.

Animal Welfare Society (AWS)

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Animal Welfare Society

AWS runs a veterinarian surgery and organises weekly healthcare outreach clinics to communities in Stellenbosch. Their work is extremely valuable for both stray cats and dogs, and pet owners who rely heavily on the projects AWS runs.

We are pledging €42,670 to neuter, de-worm, and de-flea 1,500 animals - that's 70% of the animal population in one of the communities in Stellenbosch.

Cluny Animal Trust

Cape Town, South Africa

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Cluny Animal Trust

Cluny Animal Trust runs an outreach and educational programme in the Free State province. They're the experts in raising awareness about responsible pet ownership and they go above and beyond to improve the welfare of strays.

To keep both of their trucks running, the Edgard Cooper Foundation have pledged €6,600.

Dharamshala Animal Rescue

Dharamshala, India

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Dharamshala Animal Rescue

DAR runs a neuter and vaccination programme in a rural area of northern India, to reduce the stray populations of cats and dogs to a more manageable level.

Their van is crucial to their outreach work, enabling the DAR team to reach the dogs and cats in need. But the current vehicle is over 20 years old and desperately needs replacing. We'll be donating €6,400 to buy a new van.

Dog Care Clinic

Sri Lanka

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Dog Care Clinic

There are about 3 million street dogs in Sri Lanka, most of whom end up there because of disease, vehicle accidents and/or cruelty. We couldn't believe that statistic when we heard it! We are proud to work with The Dog Care Clinic to try and end the cycle.

With donations like ours, Marina Mobus and 35 local helpers do outstanding work to change thousands of dogs’ lives with compassion and respect. Our donations have helped to improve the facilities over the years so the clinic can help even more dogs live a life free from suffering.

Humane Society International

Bolivia & Chile

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Humane Society International

We select projects that focus on sustainable solutions that create lasting change. Humane Society International's (HSI) projects in Bolivia and Chile are doing just that! Our donation will go towards training veterinary professionals so they can offer safe, affordable treatments including vaccinations and neutering for thousands of dogs and cats. This will help prevent suffering and tackle systemic overpopulation in communities across Bolvia & Chile.

Our donation will pay to train for over 100 vets in safe, effective veterinery care and cover the direct costs of 17,000 treatments in the first two years. By year 5, the vets trained by HSI will be able to complete at least 40,000 treatments, helping improvement lives of thousands of dogs and cats across the region and tackle overpopulation.

Lanta Animal Welfare

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Lanta Animal Welfare

Lanta Animal Welfare runs an animal shelter, outreach program, and clinic out of Koh Lanta, Thailand. Within this area, the number of dogs and cats that are neutered has increased by 50%, so their work is already paying off. But they need support to keep it running.

A donation of €15,000 will be made to replace their van, which is crucial for the outreach program. Without the van, they're unable to reach all the animals on the islands and the mainland. They desperately need to target the whole stray situation to have maximum impact and encourage a healthy population of cats and dogs.

Mayhew International


Edgard & Cooper Foundation Mayhew International

We are proud to support Mayhew International in their amazing work to protect dogs in Kabul, Afghanistan from rabies infection. This incredible project is run by a local team of specialists, who are also working to improve the long-term relationship between dogs and humans in the community.

Our donation will pay for 30,000 vaccinations – enough to vaccinate over 80% of the local dog population and create effective herd immunity against this dangerous disease. We’re also supporting Mayhew’s innovative community outreach programme. Find out more on our project page.

Mayhew International


Edgard & Cooper Foundation Mayhew International Georgia

With our second commitment to Mayhew International, we’ll be helping more dogs, cats, and communities - this time in Georgia. We’re all set to help 2,500 dogs and 250 cats in the first year alone. Our donation will pay for the training of 22 vets in cat and dog health; the construction of a static clinic (plus all equipment) to serve as a training base; and a fully-equipped pop-up clinic.

People For Animals


Edgard & Cooper Foundation People For Animals Dehradun

It’s estimated that there are over 35 million stray dogs and 35 million stray cats in India. With extremely poor living conditions, they’re vulnerable to many diseases, including rabies. Without the help of local organisations, ‘capture and kill’ is a commonly-adopted approach - even though it’s been prohibited since ’94.

PFA Dehradun has developed a sustainable approach to improve the welfare of pets and stray cats and dogs.

People For Animals (PFA), Dehradun is part of the larger People For Animals network and has developed a sustainable way to minimise the huge number of stray cats and dogs.

Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society (PPAWS)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society

PPAWS runs a shelter and education program for pet owners; a training program for vets; and outreach programs offering free or discounted services to the community strays.

It's estimated that Cambodia has over 5m strays, with practically no vets working there. PPAWS hopes that with their training and the volunteers that help, they'll become an example for the rest of the country. We'll donate €9,800 for urgent kennel adaptations that'll ensure faster recovery for inpatients. As well as €16,677 to neuter and vaccinate 600 animals brought into the shelter.

Veterinarians Without Borders

Mzimba, Malawi

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Veterinarians Without Borders

Only 0.5% of dogs in Malawi are vaccinated against rabies, a disease that causes suffering and death to both animals and humans. Although initiatives have started in the south of the country, Mzimba - the 3rd biggest city in the country - has had no intervention.

We'll pledge €36,452 to vaccinate 80% of the dog population in one of the 4 districts in Mzimba.