Our Projects

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation is an independent charity - that means it’s a separate entity to Edgard & Cooper. Here’s a little bit about us and how we got started.

Dog Care Clinic

Sri Lanka

Edgard & Cooper Foundation Dog Care Clinic

Our first goal is to fund projects that alleviate the suffering of dogs and cats. We seek out partners who tackle issues holistically, addressing the root causes while treating the symptoms. This might include projects that neuter and vaccinate stray populations, and/or that provide medical treatment, housing, re-homing & feeding.

Mayhew International


Edgard & Cooper Foundation Mayhew International

We are proud to support Mayhew International in their amazing work to protect dogs in Kabul, Afghanistan from rabies infection. This incredible project is run by a local team of specialists, who are also working to improve the long-term relationship between dogs and humans in the community.

Our donation will pay for 30,000 vaccinations – enough to vaccinate over 80% of the local dog population and create effective herd immunity against this dangerous disease. We’re also supporting Mayhew’s innovative community outreach programme. Find out more on our project page.