PFA Dehradun has developed a sustainable approach to improve the welfare of pets and stray cats and dogs.


Overpopulation of cats and dogs has various consequences. It means animals are suffering and living miserable lives, but also there’s a threat to the wildlife and inhabitants due to the spread of diseases, such as rabies.

How can it be solved?

PFA Dehradun currently has the basic facilities to help cats and dogs in need. Thanks to the contributions from their outpatient programme last year, they’ve been able to help 6,510 dogs and cats. And they’ve managed to offer 1,373 community animals much-needed care and shelter.

There are now plenty of opportunities to help more stray animals, as operational costs are covered by the contributions of the outpatients.

Our donation will help modernise the clinic and shelter, so that more animals can be helped more efficiently, with faster recovery times.

What needs to happen now?

PFA still needs investment into its infrastructure, to be able to effectively improve the lives of as many animals as possible. Here’s what’s in store:

1. The dog house has served PFA well, but now needs renovating and updating to cater for larger numbers of dogs. The aim is to move from group housing to individual housing, so that sick and post-operative dogs can recuperate quietly and be closely monitored. 80% of housing will be for individual dogs and 20% will house groups of dogs and cats rescued from abusive living conditions.

2. There are currently no dedicated cat houses. With our donation, a post-operative room, recovery room, and kitty room will be constructed. It’ll be designed for sick and injured cats undergoing surgery or post-operative care; and for those who need lifetime care and protection. On a monthly basis, over 100 cats and dogs will be housed on a temporary basis thanks to the renovated dog houses and new cat houses.

3. The old clinic and pathology lab will undergo a full renovation to help manage the inpatients. The pathology lab needs more space and equipment, so that the animals can be diagnosed faster and a pre-surgery room will be added to the existing clinic. On a yearly basis, around 3,600 surgeries will be performed in the new clinic.

4. Lastly, small vet accommodation will be built so that an in-house vet can cover 24/7 veterinary services for inpatients.

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation has been working with PFA since 2021.


Our donation will help modernise the clinic and shelter, so that more animals can be helped more efficiently, with faster recovery times.

€60,000 pledged.

Edgard & Cooper Foundation goals

By supporting PFA, we’re helping provide the tools and expertise to tackle the problem at its roots and end suffering for many cats and dogs. We want to speed up the medical care for all animals and specifically help the strays. This ensures a positive long-term impact and improvement in the lives of cats and dogs throughout Dehradun.