PPAWS is on a mission to end animal suffering in Cambodia. The charity runs a shelter and education program for pet owners; a training program for vets; and essential outreach programs for community strays.


It's estimated that there are over 5m strays in Cambodia, but practically no vets. PPAWS was the first animal welfare and rescue organisation to set up here, and the charity operates a not-for-profit veterinary clinic to raise funds for all their amazing work, including:

  • Running the veterinary clinic with discounted or free services for those in need
  • Providing animal shelters
  • Education and training within communities, and for newly-qualified vets
  • Free medical care to animals across Cambodia - focusing on neutering and vaccinations

With an overwhelming number of stray cats and dogs in Cambodia the cycle of suffering is huge. There's little education within the community and pet owners find it hard to see the long-term benefits of vaccination, neutering and animal care. Animals aren't properly socialised, and often mistreated or seen as a nuisance.

Some members of the local community are afraid of the animals, particularly dogs. And due to the lack of socialisation, animals are often scared of people - even their owners. The human/animal relationship needs a great deal of work, and PPAWS' education and outreach programme is essential.

We started partnering with PPAWS in 2022 and are proud to be a part of the charity's amazing work, which includes training for newly-qualified vets.


€26,477 of the Edgard & Cooper Foundation's donation will fund improvements at the shelter to allow for faster recovery times. Thanks to the votes of the Edgard & Cooper community, PPAWS will receive an extra €12,000 to to neuter and vaccinate 600 animals brought into the shelter.

€26,477 pledged

The dog shelter at PPAWS needs complete renovation, and the Edgard & Cooper Foundation funds will make sure this happens to a high standard. With the shelter improvements PPAWS can increase their capacity from 9 animals, to at least 12. It'll improve the safety, security, and overall wellbeing of all animals in the charity's care.

The charity also want to provide an area for vulnerable animals in the shelter. It'll house unvaccinated or compromised animals, including newborns and nursing mothers. This space would allow cats or dogs to stay long-term, and limit the risk of exposure to other animals and people that could transmit disease.

Edgard & Cooper customers voted for the charities that they wanted to give an extra financial boost to via the Foundation. These additional funds will help PPAWS hold weekly neutering and vaccination clinics in Phnom Penh, and monthly clinics in Kampot. This service is vital for animal rescuers and pet owners who can't afford the services. The Edgard & Cooper Foundation will fund approximately 600 surgeries a year at the PPAWS clinics, helping to end to suffering and promoting animal wellbeing throughout the area.