Only 0.5% of dogs in Malawi are vaccinated against rabies, a disease that causes suffering and death for both animals and humans. Vets Without Borders are working tirelessly to end this plight.


Vets Without Borders have a mission to promote healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy environment. Millions of people in Africa depend on their livestock, so when the charity was first set up supporting and training local African farmers was key to keeping their animals healthy.

But the charity quickly discovered that rabies is the biggest threat to animal welfare (and humans) in Malawi. And so over the last few years they've been inspired to set up their own rabies vaccination programmes - together with partners, including the Malawi government and the Global Alliance for Rabies Control.

After seeing how life-changing the impact of rabies vaccinations is, we joined forces with Vets Without Borders in 2022. We're excited to see how our donations can help with the charity's incredible vaccination campaign.


The Edgard & Cooper Foundation's pledge will cover the vaccinations of 80% of the dog population in one of the 4 districts in Mzimba, Malawi. And thanks to the support of the Edgard & Cooper community we can give an extra €36,452 to Vets Without Borders.

€36,452 pledged

COVID-19 caused huge delays in project implementation for many charities, and with the reduction of volunteers and vets able to work, there was huge financial pressure on the Vets Without Borders team. Fundraising became much more difficult during these 2 years - which is why our donations are so critical.

Vets Without Borders was one of 2 charities that the Edgard & Cooper community chose to receive a boosted donation. This extra money allows the charity to plan the 2nd cycle of vaccinations and get one step closer to eradicating rabies in Malawi.

Due to climate change in recent years there has been heavy rainfall and floods in Malawi. The resulting power cuts, limited transport routes, and destruction of animal housing has made it extremely hard for Vets Without Borders to continue both their neutering and vaccination programmes. With our help we can get the charity working to its full potential - putting an end to the suffering of people and animals.